We’re a few hours away from Asia Game Festival 2018 in Suntec, Singapore. Here is what we can be expecting—with special behind the scenes from the venue itself.

Enter through the main entrance and you will be directly greeted on your right by the Asia GAME Festival Hearthstone Cup tournament sections. Here the best of the best players will stand a chance to win prizes worth up to SG$1,000!

Meanwhile on your left you will see the booth for XII Braves showcasing all their games.

As you can see, their team are busy setting up the booth and display sections with some of the games produced by XII Braves such as Little Valiant and Shining Beyond.

Fans of Minecraft will have the chance to join in the hype for the National Digital Arts Championship 2018. There will also be workshop to learn on how to mod with some basic coding.

The Guardians of the City game will also be hosting their very own card game at the scene of the AGF 2018! Come and check it out and see what this game is all about as there will be training provided to all participants.

Though there was no mentioned in the flyers, a surprise booth awaits all Vocaloid fans!

And of course, not to forget fans of F1 Racing since there is also a booth waiting just for you—by VESARO—providing professional grade racing simulator. Get a chance to try and experience what it’s like to drive a real F1 racing car.

There is not a complete Game Festival WITHOUT FIFA 18! Here we can see a booth set up just for FIFA 18 fans. Pitch your skills against other players to win some exciting prizes.

Alongside all these, there will also be performances from artistes such as Tokimeki Jump, COLORPOINTE and others. There will also be some meet and greet on the Day Stage. Maybe catch a chance to see some of the cosplayers joining in the AGF event.

Are you a Pokemon fan? Think you can catch ‘em all and be the very best? Do check out the Pokemon section that will be hosting trading card game and video game. Cool prizes are waiting for you.

Summer Budokai is here for all fans of fighting games. There will be tournaments such as the Marvel vs Capcom, Killer Instincts, DragonBall Z and many more. Think you got what it takes? Come visit this section in the venue.

Or, shy to join in the game events? Didn’t win any prizes? ‘Fret not, for there will also be the AGF merchandise booth set up in the venue. Grab some of the cute looking merchandise available.

And finally, let’s not forget the main championship event of the AGF 2018. The CPL Championship Battle Royale Edition, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! There will be teams from surrounding countries fighting to be the last squad standing in the famous 100 men battle-royale.

A view of the center stage of the CPL Championship

These and MANY MORE booths and sections that we have not disclosed, (not to ruin anymore surprises!). Do come and take part in this event—and just maybe you are that Pokemon Master or Fighting Game champion that we are looking forward to see. Or, just come along and join in the whole event together with the night concert where there will be performances by many known Japanese bands and artistes.

Article By MRGA-PAM & Photo credit to MRGA-JULIAN


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