Developer for the game Burnstar, Nerve Software had just released a trailer for Nintendo Switch version of the game.If you had not known of Burnstar, you’re missing out. The game is based on destroying an infrastructure called ‘Evil Inc’. The game itself test players on their quick reflexes as well as strategic thinking to complete each levels of the games to collect stars in the most efficient ways possible.

Burnstar has over eighty different puzzles to solve each having a timed leaderboards. The game is all about obstacles that is placed around the puzzle which would hinder progression throughout the games. Proper strategies will be a liability to tackle each levels. Either you prefer a co-op or single player mode, the game is sure to keep you on your seat.

The game has now made its way on Nintendo eShop at a price of $20. You can check the trailer below.

Video Source : Gearbox Official

Article by MRGA-Pam

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