Are you ready for this Sunday’s Community Day event? There are loads of activities that you can do within the 3 hours time slot from 11am – 2pm; First of all, you will be expecting Charmander to pop up everywhere like mushrooms, so make sure you have enough Pokeballs or go spin Pokestops to get them. Then comes 3 times Stardust bonus which trainers stored for powering up Pokemons and 3 hours of Lures which will have more spawning of random Pokemons.

Lastly not forgetting the most important bonus of the Community Day Event is the Exclusive Move which Niantic has finally announced it today after weeks of speculation by the communities. The Exclusive Move “BLAST BURN” which you can obtain it by evolving a Charizard is a two-bar, 100-damage move that are rumored to elevates Charizard’s role in Pokemon GO’s metagame.

So is it enough to trigger your attention to take part in Pokemon GO Community Day Event? It is a day to get to know more trainers in your nearby neighborhood.

Have fun, trainers! Gotta catch em all!!!


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