CPL Championship 2018 Result


Dive into the heat of the action and fight to be the last squad standing in this epic 100 man battle royale. For the first time ever in Southeast Asia, the PUBG gaming communities from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines are coming together to see who has the mighty strength to top this brutal battle. The teams will be fighting for the glory to be crowned Asia’s very first PUBG Champion and win a slice of the S$10,000 prize pool!

Prize Pool

Placement Prize Money
1st Place S$5,000
2nd Place S$2,000
3rd Place S$1,000
4th Place S$800
5 – 8th Placings S$300

The top teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines will get an all-expense paid trip to Asia GAME Festival in Singapore. At the finals at AGF, the top teams will fight for the glory to be crowned the first PUBG Champion in the region and a slice of the prize pool of S$10,000.



Thailand – 5 Teams By invitation

Philippines – 5 Teams By invitation

Indonesia – 5 Teams By invitation

Malaysia Qualifiers (19 – 20 May 2018)

Singapore Qualifiers (26 – 27 May 2018)


Tournament Rules

1. General

By taking part in the tournament, participants must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation in the CPL Championship: Battle Royal Edition. Players must agree and consent to the rules laid out by the organizers as well as CPL's organizers and game marshals to enforce them. Every player is expected abide to the rules, and any failure to follow them can result in disciplinary actions to be taken. By participating in our tournament, you consent to agreeing our rules.

2. Conduct

Please behave in a humane way to other gamers, competitors and to any member of the staff. If a player is found guilty of misconduct by an game marshall, they may receive a penalty. Teams and individuals may face bans and expulsions from the CPL Competition for any and or all misconducts decided at CPL's sole discretion.

3. Competition Rules

    • Players can only use official accounts provided by the organizers.
    • Each team must have FOUR (4) players. Every member must be present throughout the duration of the entire tournament.
    • Each team must hold an appropriate name. Any team with an unsuitable name, will be asked to create a new name in order to participate in the competition. Else a default name assigned by a game marshall will be used until a suitable name is found.
    • If any bug happens during the competition, the player must inform the nearest game marshall immediately. Failure to do so will result in demerit points, temporary suspension, and/or bans from future CPL competitions.
    • Players found to be using the big to their advantage will immediately disqualify their team from the match, day or event.
    • Possible technical issues with PUBG, its servers and/or network may cause games to be rescheduled or canceled at the sole discretion of the organizers.
    • Servers will be restarted in the event that more than four (4) or more players from different teams are kicked from the server before the start of the match, or two (2) or more players from the same team are kicked from the server.
    • Match will be restarted if the settings of the server is incorrect.
    • Cheating is strictly prohibited. As a condition of their participation in CPL PlayerUnknown’s Battleground competition, players agree to refrain from manipulating the game files in any way, using of any unapproved game modifications, programmes, or any other methods that gives one an unfair advantage over another player. The definition of cheating will be determined by the organizers where applicable.

4. Streaming

All CPL Tournaments matches are allowed to be streamed online by CPL organizers and invited shout casters.

5. Conclusion

All rules are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you find any errors and/or mistakes to the rules, please send us a message at .


Tournament Format

  • Team FPP (First Person Perspective)
  • 25 Teams in total, 5 from each country chosen through qualification
  • Each team will consist of FOUR players
  • Teams will compete in a BO3 (Best of Three) offline finals at AGF to determine winner
  • Final positions will be determined based on finishing position, and how many kills accumulated during the matches


Game Settings

  • All default
  • SEA Server Region, with AS server as secondary backup
  • Players/Teams have to inform admins/game marshals on Discord of any disconnections/crashes before the Lobby Timer is up to facilitate a round restart. Failure to do so will mean that the disconnected player(s) would have to rejoin the server and continue on from there
  • There will be no round restarts for any disconncetions/crashes that happen once the Lobby Timer is up
  • The maximum number of restarts is 2
  • In the event of a server crash before the end of the round, the round would have to be replayed in its entirely and any Win Points/Kill Points accumulated during that particular round would be discarded


Scoring System

  • Kills will be worth 15 points each, up till a maximum of 450 points or 30 kills per team
  • There is slightly more emphasis on kills (5 points more than usual) to encourage and try out a faster paced and more aggressive play to make spectating more interesting
  • The scoring system was decided after discussions between CPL, SCOGA and Donald-Admin of the PUBG Singapore Community
Placement Points
#1 600
#2 450
#3 400
#4 390
#5 380
#6 370
#7 360
#8 350
#9 340
#10 330
#11 320
#12 310
#13 300
#14 290
#15 280
#16 270
#17 260
#18 250
#19 240
#20 230
#21 220
#22 200
#23 180
#24 160