The Nintendo Switch went through its first year with very few exploits for crafty gamers to toy with, but now it seems like a major one may have just been discovered. HACKERS HAVE REVEALED how Nintendo’s Switch can be made to run arbitrary code through an exploit of an unpatchable flaw in the console’s Nvidia Tegra X1 chip.

The team at Reswitched, which focuses on hacking the Nintendo console to allow homebrew software, publicly shared their discovery, so there’s no doubt that the teams at Nvidia and Nintendo are currently racing around exploring the exploit.

While piracy and bootloaders might be a concern for Nintendo, Nvidia arguably has a bigger problem on its hands as the vulnerability could be in all the Tegra X1 chips it has shipped. As such, the chips in other systems and devices could be open to exploitation by savvy hackers or malicious actors with a bit of tech know-how, but it sounds like there is no way to roll out a fix for consoles that have already shipped.The hack could give console owners the ability to run all kinds of emulators on the machine. As of now we will wait for responses and updates from Nintendo on the situation.


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