Matchroom: A Place Gamers Can Call Home

Digital entertainment has come a long way since the days of yore, we have flourished from the humble beginnings of a simple game of Pong to the awe inspiring and complex worlds of Massively Multiplayer Online Games that today spans across millions of users at any given time.

However, even as games and their community continue to develop in complexity and quality, the social and practical tools that supports them have not evolved at an equal pace. As avid gamers ourselves, we here at Matchroom are intimately familiar with the various niggling woes gamers all around the world regularly encounter. Have you not, in recent times, for example, experienced:

  • Frustration from having to consult a myriad of different sites just to stay updated on current game affairs because there is no one place where news about different genres, publisher, developers, and consoles are compiled? Or affronted at having to sift through a whole bunch of other non-gaming related content just to identify what your peers and communities have been up to game-wise on existing social media?
  • Difficulties discovering games within and without the genre you usually preference because most communities are game-specific and operate inside their own silos? And that once the game dies, the community dissipates and can’t be converted for a different game? Or that even when recommendations are secured, they usually consists only of popular and well advertised games, with many others overlooked and neglected?

Well, as corny as it is to say, your worries will soon be behind you! Matchroom is a upcoming social platform geared towards gaming where gaming related content, communities and functions are aggregated onto a single centralised hub where users can manage, discover, or join gaming communities of all shapes and sizes while being constantly engaged with the latest gaming related content that can be localised lingually and culturally.

Basically, it will be a singular location where all you gamers can gather and fulfill your everyday gaming needs; a place we can all call home.

While is currently aggregating all kinds of gaming content, following the BETA launch of the Matchroom Platform’s scheduled around June 2018, users will gradually be able to:

  1. Keep up with what their friends and communities are doing on game related activities;
  2. Consume content focused on gaming in a centralised space;
  3. Discover and join new or similar games and their relevant communities;
  4. Access or publish localised regional games, influencers, and content unhindered by language and cultural barriers;
  5. Access tools that helps them (Influencers, Publishers, Developers, and Communities) build, manage and engage interactively with their followers.
  6. Access gaming functions that are traditionally scattered across multiple platforms through Matchroom’s 4 key pillars: Content Monetisation, Games, eSports, and Virtual Trading.

We envision ourselves as the premier gaming platform brand where we’ll be the first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of gaming (like how Microsoft or Whatsapp emerges when one thinks of operating software or messenger app).

Even as the primary platform is under development, we have already engaged with our users and local influencers to conduct content and influencer marketing; ultimately helping a number of game developer and event organiser promote and broadcast their product and bringing interesting content for our users to consume! Check the site out for more information and stay tuned for more exciting stuff!


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