Developer for action RPG game ‘Hands of Fate 2’, Defiant Development will be porting the game on Nintendo Switch in the next coming week.

Since its first debut back in 2015, it has been downloaded over 2.5 million times and since its availability on Steam last November, it has received highly positive reviews.

Director for Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit said:

“We’ve been careful not to tip our hand about this news until now, but our team is thrilled to finally announce Hand of Fate 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch. We are very much looking forward to seeing fans having the opportunity to take the game on the go with this exciting new platform.”

Switch users will now be able to enjoy the card game that simply has a ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ feel to it.

Hands of Fate 2 is a game where players are tasked to collect cards and with it, build their own decks—these are customizable deck inclusive of  different purposes such as deck of equipment, enemies, encounters, and loot that are shuffled by the Dealer. For each scenario during the player’s play-through it is then determined by the card that the player draws each time. The cards when combined, acts as a real-time combat scenario with each card presenting an obstacle to be overcome as well as how the game would end.

The game in itself is almost like a hack-and-slash combat and exploration theme to it where it also include high-risk high-reward mini games with all its respective advantages/disadvantages.

With the game already out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it is definitely something worth trying out. The game is expected to be available on Switch this July 17th with no details of the pricing yet. Catch the gameplay trailer below

Video Source : Defiant Development

Article by MRGA-Pam

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