It’s just 2 days after April Community Day Event with Mareep the fluff ball spawning everywhere (literally everywhere) for a good 3 hours. It was a good day. But when Charmander is being speculated to be the upcoming Shinny Pokemon on May Community Day, it really disappointed to the fact that is Niantic lacking of creativity already? Despite there are still a couple more Generation to come… With Bulbasaur as the start to turn off players, now they are going deeper into Charmander and Squirtle..

Disappointment is all we can say on behalf of the rest of the community..



  1. I just want wailmer, because it is hard for me to see one. Of course the best one would be Unown, have it in community day for 6 hours would really keep us all busy to collect all 26 of them!

  2. Wailmer is everywhere too, you just need to get to those spawn spots… and I don’t want to see purple whale…


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