In a blink of an eye, we are already on the 4th day of July. It’s Independence Day to our fellow Americans trainers, it reminds me of the movie with Will Smith punching an alien and said “Welcome to earth” twelve years ago. Those are the good old days ya.

Now back to the main topic. July’s Featured Pokemon is speculated to be one of the Legendary for Gen 2 which is suppose to be either Raikou, Entei and Suicine, but Niantic has rather “surprised” us or more like disappointed us by featuring Snorlax as the Pokemon Encounter Reward after 7 Days Stamps. Snorlax are still able to be found in the wild, but getting a good IV and a good skill set is still rather difficult to get. So maybe there are some plus points on this since there are a chance that your Snorlax will comes with Body Slam skill which helps on Defending a Gym.

Nonetheless, you would want to know what is the latest updates on all “Field Research Rewards” for the month of July, so Snorlax would not be the only reward that you will get throughout July. There are some changes especially one of the task will land you a “Lickitung” Encounter!!! Including of all the events that will be happening, July will definitely be a busy month.

May field research rewards

june field research rewards

So check out below. Beware of LARGE SIZE IMAGES!!!


All these information are manually compiled. If there is any information which is incorrect, please message below and our admins will look into it ASAP.

Thank you so much. Wish you trainers the very best of luck!! Gonna Catch em all.

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