Mark your calendar for the upcoming StarSeries i-League Season 5 this coming May 28th – Jun 3rd 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. A prize pool of $300,000 are up for grabs for 16 teams competing in this series.

Qualifiers begin where 12 teams from North America, Europe, Asia, and CIS region will compete in preliminary GSL group stage with four winning teams that will be joined by four invited teams for the second stage of the qualifier. North America and CIS winner in the qualifiers will advance into the LAN finals while Asia and European qualifier will see 2 slots for the top two teams.

Current known teams attending: Masters
   North American           Qualifier
    CIS Qualifier
      European          Qualifier #1
    European        Qualifier #2

Current known invited teams are:

Stay tune at StarSeries iLeague Season 5 HLTV for upcoming teams and more!


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