Final Fantasy VII, the 1st Final Fantasy game that venture into the realm of 3D. Released by the developer Squaresoft (now Square Enix) on January 31st 1997. It was a revolutionary game at the time, since 3D gaming was the new thing at the time and for RPG fans—having a Final Fantasy game being made in 3D is like a dream come true. By implementing all the things that people love about the old Final Fantasy games such as the open world maps, the fields and the battles mechanics, with the addition of 3D graphics and turned everything up to 10, Final Fantasy VII was bound for glory. Within 3 days of the release, the game sold over 2 million copies in Japan alone and every single game critic gave it an almost, if not, perfect score. Final Fantasy VII also moved on to win numerous Game of the year awards in 1997 and also numerous Art and Design awards due to its ground-breaking graphics at the time. With all that being said, follow me in my small conquest back at the story of Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy VII starts out with a starry sky overlooking the city Midgar with a young lady dressed in a pink dress carrying a flower basket is walking out of the alleyway into the street. The scene cuts off to a train speeding down the rails and stopping at Sector 1. Barret Wallace and 3 other members (Biggs, Wedge and Jessie) of the local rebel group AVALANCHE jumped down from the train and took out the security guards before taking off on their mission to bomb the Shinra Mako Reactor located nearby. Cloud Strife, a mercenary on hire by them jumped off behind them. And was first faced by the 2 security guards that came to stop him.

After beating the security guard, Barret explains to Cloud about how Shinra is trying to drain the planet of its lifestream and it’s up to them to stop this from happening.

Being a former SOLDIER 1st Class, Cloud claims that he is not interested in the fate of the planet and was only doing it because of the money. After fighting through a decent amount of security guards, jumping off some pipes and ladders,

They finally reached the core in Sector 1 Mako Reactor. Cloud is then tasked to set the charges for the bomb which he proceeded to do so. After setting down the charge an alarm is triggered and the reactor’s protector Guard Scorpion (first boss fight!!) was then summoned to fight Cloud and Barret. After defeating (gallantly as I would say) the Guard Scorpion, the bomb timer ticks on. Cloud and the gang rushed out of the reactor before it blows up. With that in place the mission was successful.

That marks the start of an epic journey for Cloud and the Crew. Join me next time as I replay one of my favourite RPG of all time Final Fantasy VII!

Artcile by MRGA-Pam

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