Set in the marvellously generic-sounding Metro City, mayor Mike Haggar is having a bad day. Street gang Mad Gear have kidnapped his daughter Jessica. Fortunately, like most city mayors, Haggar used to be a professional wrestler and so, with the help of Jessica’s boyfriend Cody and his pal Guy, he must battle a small army of goons in order to secure her freedom.

Though Final Fight’s combat system consists of the usual two-button control scheme that most brawlers from this era used, it holds up surprisingly well. Both Cody and Haggar can string together some basic attack combos, as well as pull off jumping attacks, grab attacks, and spinning manoeuvre that prevent them from getting surrounded. There’s more depth to it than meets the eye, and that the enemies you face come at you with such varying patterns of attack makes things all the trickier. Boss fights are challenging, lots of enemies pop up in every level, multiple weapons present themselves throughout the game, and you get to break barrels to find hidden barbecued meats that replenish your health. What more could you possibly ask for?

In fact some game characters made it to street Fighter series simply because it’s Capcom and it’s nice to see them again on the big screen, it does bring back childhood memories for some .

Still, everything else about Final Fight is basically intact here. The graphics are scaled back a bit, but still retain the majority of the excellent art and character designs found in the arcade game, and the soundtrack is still top-notch. Checkout the gameplay footage below

Video Source :arcadegamesfreak

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