The object of Snow Bros. is to clear out every level of enemies. You play the role of a snowman that has to get rid of all the monsters using snowball with it,  you can push them to their doom, and if the pushed snowball runs into any other baddies, they’re defeated too. There are also “Powerups” to be collected that increases your shooting rate(snow)

For every ten levels be expecting a boss character to appear. There’s also a two player mode which makes the game even more fun especially playing with another friend (Co-op mode). Snow Bros does remind us of “the ever popular Bubble Bobble” in terms of graphics and gameplay. The graphics of this game is quite decent in our opinion. If you’re into puzzle-action games like Bubble Bobble, you’ll probably enjoy playing Snow Bros.

Video Source : LosGameplays De Geraa


Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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